Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours

Артикул CATLP161
Штрих-код 5060397601612
Виробник Not Now Music
825 ₴ 695 ₴
Артикул CATLP161
Доступність Так
Жанри Jazz, Swing, Pop
Виконавець Frank Sinatra
Дата релізу 1955
Рік випуску 2019
Лейбл Not Now Music
Серія Colored vinyl
Формат Vinyl
Підтримувані швидкості 33 обороти/хв
Кількість носіїв 1
Вага LP, г. 180
Країна-виробник Великобританія
Виробник Not Now Music
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Few albums are essential, timeless creations that elicit an emotional response with song after song. This is one such album. Sinatra was insistent on keeping things informal, sounding unrehearsed, instructing Miller to work in a seemingly off-the cuff manner. Perfection was not their main aim. The sessions were all about emotion, as Sinatra was really drafting an aural love letter to Ava Gardner who, though still married to him, had become unobtainable, drifting further from his life each passing day. The first Sinatra album to chart in the USA, In The Wee Small Hours reached the No.2 spot and remained in the best-selling listings for 33 weeks.

Side 1

1. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
2. Mood Indigo
3. Glad To Be Unhappy
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well
5. Deep In A Dream
6. I See Your Face Before Me
7. Can’t We Be Friends?
8. When Your Lover Has Gone

Side 2

1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
2. Last Night When We Were Young
3. I’ll Be Around
4. Ill Wind
5. It Never Entered My Mind
6. Dancing On The Ceiling
7. I’ll Never Be The Same
8. This Love Of Mine

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